9 Hour Canadian Ww1 Somme Battlefield Tour Departing From Arras Or Lille

Stand in the tunnels where Canadian troops stood before the assault on Vimy Ridge, visit the Canadian and German trenches. You will see the scattered landscape of the Newfoundland Memorial Park in Beaumont Hamel. Thiepval Memorial, Courcelette Canadian Memorial will also been visited.

We are leaving your hotel or accommodation towards the Somme battlefields.

You will visit the Subways dug by the British Engineers and used by the Canadian troops to go towards the German lines minutes before the Battle of Vimy. You will walk in the Canadian and German trenches, seeing the scars left by the war in the landscape. Mine-craters, shell-craters are the witnesses of what happened there.

I will bring you to Neuville Saint Vaast Canadian N°2 Cemetery, Courcelette Canadian Memorial.

Time for lunch, a light lunch, a sandwich or an omelette or a soup and a drink all included.

After lunch we are going to Thiepval Memorial to the Missing, the largest memorial bearing the names of more than 73,000 soldiers who have no known grave. Behind it lays the Anglo French cemetery, 600 graves.

We will end the day with the Beaumont Hamel New Foundland Memorial Park, a place where you will also see the trenches used by the troops, Y Ravine where the Germans were, a shell crater transformed in a cemetery, a statue of a Highland Soldier of the 52nd Highland Division and the "Danger Tree" the only tree in the area who was there during WW1.

Heading back towards your hotel or accommodation.

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