Full Day Tour Of Ww2 In Northern France The Atlantic Wall, V1 And V2 Launching Sites From Bruges

Stand overlooking the Atlantic with a stunning view of England. Visit a Todt Battery Bunker transformed into a very nice museum and see some others that were destroyed. Go into Northern France's largest bunker in Eperlecques, built to be a V2 launching site. Also see the V1 launching site of the "Bois des Huit Rues" and see the famous ski shaped buildings and the Memorial of Esquelbecq from Operation Dynamo.

This tour starts at your hotel or accommodation in Bruges. Drive from Bruges towards the French Opale Coast to see a part of the Atlantic Wall near le Cap Griz Nez. If the weather conditions are good you will see England. From there you will visit one of the Todt Batterie bunkers or the museum of Ambleteuse (you can choose on the day).

There is then a lunch break. Following lunch visit some of the destroyed Todt Organisation bunkers on the coast. Head towards Eperlecques where you find the largest bunker built by the Nazis in Northern France. The bunker was a V2 launching base bombed by the allies, it became a liquid oxygen factory after the bombing. You will see Esquelbecq Memorial the site of the mass murder of British soldiers during Operation Dynamo. The tour ends with a visit of a V1 launching site at Morbecque near Hazebrouck, the Bois des huit rues site is in a very good state. You will then head back to your hotel or accommodation.

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