Fancy tasting the best food Bruges has to offer? This 2 hour private tour with your local hosts will do just that. Stroll through the city and take some stops at the best local bakeries, chocolate shops and bars where locals like to go away from the tourist areas. Discover the secret garden and see how the locals live.

Discover the tasty side of Bruges during your 2 hour private tour. Do you want to have diner in a three star Michelin restaurant or in a cozy bar? No problem, your local host, Filip can arrange this for you.'

Filip and his wife'have been licensed tour guides for some time now and spend most of their'days wandering around the streets of Bruges to discover all the new and hip spots out there. Naturally, there's no place they'haven't seen. They're both foodies, so eating spots are the main thing on the'list.

The two of them would love to also show you some chocolate shops, an awesome hidden bakery with a delightful range of sweet pastries. They will also tell you which are the best bars for having a local beer or wine.

During your'walk, you'll get to have a real insight into how locals live by visiting'local neighborhoods where tourists never go. You'll be surprised by seeing the small door leading you to a secret garden that only locals know about.'

Please note that no food or drinks will be provided during this tour.'

If there's anything you'd like to add on your tour, please feel free to ask your guides. See you in Bruges.

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