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Round Trip Shuttle Service From Zeebrugge To Bruges

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Your cruise shuttle to Bruges provides a two-way shuttle service from your cruise ship to Bruges and back to Zeebrugge. The shuttles run every 30 minutes, so there is no delay in getting to Bruges and back from'your cruise ship.'Shuttles leave Zeebrugge every 30 minutes between'8:30 a.m.-12 a.m., and return from Bruges beginning'in the afternoon.

This shuttle service is the easiest and most cost-effective'way to get into the historic center of Bruges from your cruise ship. The shuttle will drop you off at Bruges' official bus parking lot in'Bargeplein.

To board'your shuttle bus, just'disembark your cruise ship and take the complimentary free red port shuttle that goes from'your ship to the gate.

If your mooring quay is the'official cruise quay (= Swedish Quay, Zeebrugge) then you can perform the following steps:

If your mooring quay is other than 'Zweedse Kaai/Swedish Quay', please do perform the following steps:
Our staff will be happy to take care of you so you will be in Bruges at no time. Reviews | Photos | Get Tickets

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